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Can you provide all council approval documentation?

Yes. We have fully Engineered buildings compliant with all documentation councils or certifiers require. 

My husband is in a wheelchair, can we make a Premium Portable Home disability friendly?

Yes. We have made ramps to the sliding door, a wider doorway to the ensuite and an open shower with adjustable shower head for disabled clients.

We don't have vehicle access to our backyard, is there a way around this?

Yes. We organise a crane to pick up the building on special lifters we manufacture into the frame and can lift your new Portable over a double storey house if needed.

What does a 10 metre standard building weigh?

Approximately 5.4 Tonne.

What is the average price of a standard 12 metre building

Believe it or not around $96,800 depending on inclusions.

Do we need to spend a lot of money when our new Portable gets to site?

No. All internal plumbing and electrical are fully fitted out and functional. Electrical switchboard is on the end of the building ready for your electrician to hardwire straight from your power source or for an extra charge our electricians can wire a changeover switch which will allow you to plug in a common 25 amp extension lead.

You may need a plumber to plumb the waste outlets under the building to your septic system or sewer and a site welder to weld the skid frame to the stumps.

Are Premium Portables certified for Cyclonic areas?

Yes. Our buildings are Engineered to C2 Cyclonic classification.

Getting your new Portable building to site is so easy

Tilt tray pick up from us and Deliver to site, drop off!